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It is the aim of the CatEx DCA Advisory Board to present member companies with opportunities for their team members to take part in CatEx DCA conferences, forums and training sessions each year. These include the London-based Annual Summit, CatEx DCA sessions within ECMOD, as well as a range of other London based and regional themed meetings.

It is important for all who participate that the content of these events is entirely relevant and of a suitably high standard. More than this, it should also be free of any bias towards any particular supplier or group of suppliers. To ensure that these standards are maintained the CatEx DCA Board has developed Speaker Guidelines.

The entire membership full and associate remains welcome to submit topic ideas for future events and as well as put forward prospective speakers from their organisations in the usual way, via Jane Revell-Higgins at CatEx Management Ltd. All will be carefully considered and accommodated wherever possible subject to:

  • the likely appeal to member company executives
  • the economic viability of the topic/location suggested
  • the proposer being able to meet the standards required in terms of content, structure and educational value
  • the timing of events is carefully considered so as to provide good lead time for promotion and not conflict with other similar CatEx events taking place. 
All CatEx DCA events are run as economically as possible in order to deliver the very best value for member companies, with participation fees set to cover costs and a very small margin. Speakers participating in any of our events will be invoiced at the preferential member rate. CatEx DCA is unable to pay speaker fees or expenses unless there are exceptional circumstances, and the Advisory Board events committee pre-approves such payment.

Speaker guidelines for CatEx DCA events

Whilst it is appreciated that for most people speaking at a CatEx DCA event is an opportunity to raise their personal and company profile within the industry, we have decided to issue guidelines to ensure that both the speaker and the audience get maximum benefit from such events. Outlined below are speaker guidelines for both presentations and for hosting a round table at a CatEx DCA event.


All presentations should adhere to one or more of the following list:         

*  Be informative content must be relevant to both the headline issue of the day and the industry overall
Educational / best practice you should aim to provide some form of education for the audience around current industry best practice. Examples and case studies are especially beneficial
An exchange of industry ideas and information
*  For supplier companies, if speaking around a specific sector you must ensure that the content is generalist, i.e. referencing all supplier companies in the sector

In addition, all presentations must:

Contain key take-aways information you believe is of benefit to share with the CatEx DCA membership
Be available to view on the CatEx DCA website afterwards 

Presentations must not:

Be self promotional
*  An overt sales pitch
*  Contain details around your company's pricing
*  Offer incentives for your company's products
*  Be supplier company specific

All presentations should be submitted to CatEx DCA one week prior to any event. Should the presentation not follow the above guidelines you should be prepared to change it at short notice.

Hosting a round table
As the host of a round table, your aim should be to help facilitate the swapping of ideas and information amongst the delegates attending. As with presentations, round tables must not be a sales pitch for your company, or self promotional.

Guidelines for a successful round table are:

Ensure you introduce yourself to the attendees career details and areas of specialist knowledge 
Set out a brief agenda to the table what the main topic is, and what you plan to cover
* Ensure that attendees are aware this is an opportunity to swap information, it is not a presentation - encourage questions throughout
Ask each delegate to briefly introduce themselves: name, company, position, what they want to get from this round table
Ensure a balance of you speaking and others 
Distribute session evaluation forms at the end to all attendees 

If you have are any questions in relation to the above, please contact us on 08718 555 545,