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CatEx 2012 Postal Scheme - New rates announced!
Posted: 29/06/2012

The exclusive new discounted postal rates available under CatEx's 2011 Postal Procurement Scheme, have been unveiled.

We are delighted to announce that Citipost has won the contract to run the project for a further two years. It comes after CatEx invited all UK postal carriers to tender for the 2011 CatEx scheme, in April.

Citipost was among three suppliers to tender for the project, which is already saving CatEx member companies thousands of pounds a year on their mailings. The company has been running the scheme since its launch in April 2010.

The negotiated group discount on postage rates combines the bulk-mail volume of CatEx member companies and allows them access to lower prices than they could receive on their own. The rates are only available to CatEx members.

The negotiated deal sees CatEx members pay the Royal Mail Wholesale Access price and then a cost for transporting the mail.

* Royal Mail rates based on 1million items. Mailsort 2


The scheme first came about after senior client-side members asked CatEx’s Advisory Board to investigate a group buying scheme for postage. John Ellis, Sales Director of Sunline Direct Mail, was tasked with negotiating with all national postal carriers to secure the best group deal and Citipost won the tender. 

John, who is also a CatEx Advisory Board member, says: “I truly believe that this collaborative postal scheme will help all businesses reduce their postage expenditure, benefiting client members both small and large. It is a real example of working together as a collective group and using purchasing power, a truly great initiative by the Catalogue Exchange.”

The CatEx Postal Procurement Project is open to all members of the Catalogue Exchange.  For further details, or to express your interest in joining the scheme, please contact us on 08718 555 545 or email

For details on joining CatEx, please click here.